Our goal is to give people a place to share their stories of harassment, use it to raise public awareness

and ultimately denormalize catcalling.

This initiative started with Sophie Sandberg and @catcallsofnyc. She began collecting catcalls and writing them on the sidewalk in chalk, in the spot where they happened. She would then photograph and post them to Instagram. She intended to give people a place to share their story of harassment and use it to spread public awareness about street harassment. Now, the movement has grown to over 50 accounts worldwide, highlighting how widespread and global this issue is.

Together, this collective of activists around the world form Chalk Back. Our goal is to share stories from around the world, raise awareness, and ultimately instigate change, allowing us all to feel safer in our streets. 

This site, created by Farah Benis from Catcalls of London and Sophie, is a resource for activists who want to fight back against street harassment. We encourage others to get involved and start accounts in their cities around the world and gives them the resources to do that. It provides a community and forum for all those who have accounts around the world to convene, share their experiences, and help each other garner attention for their campaigns around the world. 

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