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Meet Anna

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name’s Anna Johnson, and I’m 15. I work at a fitness center, and I want to get a degree in child education. I am big on writing and poetry, and enjoy spending time with my dogs and bird!

When did you start your account?

My friend and I started this account on July 14, 2019.

Why were you inspired to start an account?

 I wanted to start an account after hearing about an experience my other friend had when she was walking around a local park. It scared me that people like them would be around a children’s park, so I decided to start an account for awareness.

Why do you think “chalking back” is a good method to raise awareness?

I believe “chalking back” is a good method of raising awareness because it’s a way to get around the idea of illegal graffiti as it can easily be washed off, but still spreads a message.

Why do you think ending street harassment is important?

Ending street harassment is important because it’s simply another way for pedophiles and creepy people to harass others without having much of a consequence. Street harassment can happen in a second, and usually doesn’t get any reply... the offenders think it’s just an easy way to treat people like objects. By working towards ending street harassment, it’ll stop another way that offenders can get to their victims without any effect.

What’s your favorite thing about your city?

My favorite thing about my city is how close everyone is! There’s the occasional school rivalry, but everyone is willing to stick up for anyone. And we have some pretty awesome restaurants. ;)

How can your city better address street harassment?

I feel like my city can better address street harassment by doing events or posting things to raise awareness, much like how I’m trying to do. Many of the people I’ve spoken to don’t even know what catcalling is. When I describe it, they feel bad because they’ve done it.

What do you hope is the outcome of your account?

I hope my account will get to the point where I can try to break down some of the catcalling that occurs here. In my state, no one really talks about how much it happens. They avoid mentioning it because it doesn’t usually happen It rural areas, or people doubt it happened because everyone knows each other somehow. If I can provide people a safe place to be honest about what has occurred to them, I hope to make people realize how much a “compliment” can mean.

What’s the most difficult street harassment situation you’ve experienced?

The most difficult experience I’ve had with street harassment was when I was 13. It was really my first time going out somewhere by myself, and someone rolled down their window, honking at me and whistling. I was horrified, and could barely walk in a straight line. I was shaking so hard I could barely breathe.

What does being a part of this campaign mean to you?

Being a part of this campaign is fantastic. I’ve already gotten multiple thank yous while a chalking, and I’m proud to be a part of something bigger than myself. While my account is small, it’s fantastic to know that I’ve created a place, in such an underrated and empty state, where we can all find support.


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