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Meet Emma

When did you start your account?

I started my account at the beginning of 2017.

Why were you inspired to start an account?

I found @catcallsofnyc on Instagram and found it an excellent idea. Furthermore I had already suffered catcalling and wanted to fight it.

Why do you think “chalking back” is a good method to raise awareness?

It brings awareness to catcalling. While chalking on the street, people will often ask questions and start a conversation about the topic.

Why do you think ending street harassment is important?

It's important because it's a plague to society. Girls and women don't feel safe while walking on the street, especially if alone or at night. The situation is pretty serious.

What’s your favorite thing about your city?

My favourite things about Florence are the architecture, the art and the culture.

How can your city better address street harassment?

The authorities should outlaw it, and if people see a catcall happening they should intervene.

What do you hope is the outcome of your account?

I hope my account helps a lot of survivors and manages to put an end to street harassment.

What’s the most difficult street harassment situation you’ve experienced?

I was 15. I was at the bus stop and a guy shouted at me, "Yo beauty, yo blondie, I'll split you in half". It was pretty traumatizing.

What does being a part of this campaign mean to you?

It means so much to me. I'm glad to help end street harassment and make the world a better place for everybody.


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