Start a @catcallsof account

So you want to set up your own account? Yay!

We love seeing  more and more representation worldwide, 

this is a truly global issue and global movement.

  1. Search and see if there is an account in your city. If there isn’t, then great, go ahead and make one using the format @catcallsof. If there is and you still want to get involved that’s great too! DM the account holder. Most of us are running accounts alone in big cities so the extra help would be appreciated.

  2. To join the movement please fill in the below-linked form. If approved, you will receive a link to the member's area of this site which will give you loads of tips on how to grow your account. If there is already an account in the area you want to set up we will connect you with that account holder and they will take it from there.

  3. Please note the phone number is to ensure you are a real person! Your information will not be shared or utilized for anything other than this purpose. 



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