Chalk Back is a youth-led grassroots movement committed to fighting gender-based harassment. All of our activities are volunteer-run. 

We accept donations to maintain Chalk Back’s efforts and grow our capacity. The funds will allow us to expand our activities and campaigns raising awareness about gender-based street harassment. According to AWID Women’s Rights, feminist movements only receive 1% of all gender-focused aid. Paying young activists and artists for our work is critical to end street harassment. The funds will go to our grassroots activism (chalking and social media content creation), organizing, and expansion efforts.  

For young activists, a little money goes a long way. The majority of us are teenagers, students, and young adults. Your donation will go directly to our activism and allow us to continue Chalking Back. 

support our fundraiser: women for women


In collaboration with @catcallsofsussex and in solidarity with marginalized genders, including the LGBTQIA+ community, girls and women in crisis across the world, we are holding a global chalking event. 


We recognize that gender based violence increases significantly during times of crisis. 


On September 18th, we will be chalking messages of support while raising funds for the organization

Women for Women, who help women survivors of war rebuild their lives and choose their own futures.

A donation link is below. 

To participate, send messages of solidarity to your local catcallsof account, and if there’s not one in your area, feel free to send them right here to @chalkbackorg. 


Some accounts may be holding an in person event where you can chalk along with us, so keep an eye on your local @catcallsof page over the next few weeks to find out how to get involved locally!


With gratitude,

@chalkbackorg @catcallsofsussex @catcallsofnyc