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A Conversation on Accountability with Karimot, Founder of @CatcallsofNigeria

What is the role(s) of men and boys in the movement against gender based street harassment?

It is important for boys and men to join the fight against gender based street harassment. Girls and women are made to feel unsafe and uncomfortable by boys and men who feel it is right.

Ending a societal wrong is the work of both genders, and we need to get to work ASAP!

What has your experience been with men and boys during your time running Catcalls of Nigeria? What are their reactions?

Yes, I have gotten a few positive remarks from men and boys. I can remember a campaign against gender based violence where we chalked on the street. The men and boys joined us in chalking on that day. And it was great seeing them do it.

What does accountability mean to you? Who needs to be accountable when it comes to gender-based street harassment? How do we hold harassers and abusers accountable?

Accountability to me means calling a thing by its name. No mitigating the effect. Letting the world see it the way it is!

Everyone needs to be accountable when it comes to gender-based street harassment- from men and boys who make it a habit to catcall on the street to women and girls who say it is just catcalling. It is not JUST catcalling!

We can hold harassers and abusers accountable by having a law that protects everyone. A law that is in place which criminalize street harassment.

In your context, what are realistic next steps towards accountability?

I) For us to acknowledge that street harassment exist

II) For us to acknowledge the effects of street harassment

III) For us to put in place laws that criminalize street harassment.

Anything else you want to add?

Catcalling is never okay!

Credit: Eliza Hatch / @CheerUpLuv


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